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Somewhere outside The Bank of China


by Jørgen Kvalsvik

Hong Kong

I remember thinking it was the most beautiful building I had ever seen. The Bank of China.


I was five years old.


Between steep and tall hills draped in green, the high rise buildings stand densely. The former British colony spans only 1108 square kilometres. Being surrounded by ocean, only a quarter of the land can actually be developed, leaving the remaining areas for nature to set its terms.


Early in the ’90s, Hong Kong established itself as a global financial centre along with New York and London. It still is. The tall glass towers in the Central district make up one of the greatest skylines in the world; a mosaic of concrete, glass and trees.


More people live and work above the fourteenth floor in Hong Kong, than anywhere else in the world. 7,2 million people already live on limited space. Buildings will continue to rise; higher, better and more expensive, forcing increasing numbers of people to remain tenants forever.