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by Siri Hardeland

Kunming, Yunnan provice

In a one room apartment in China, in the city of eternal spring, Kunming, lives YangSanMao. She is not special in any way, one would say she is just ordinary. An ordinary 26 year old. You can find ordinary people all around the world, but what might seem ordinary is special as well.


In 1978 China became an open country. Since then globalization had made the newer generations grow up with western impulses.


What separates the youth in China from the youth in Norway? Except from the language, how we look and a whole lot of countries, there is not much that separate them from us.


SanMao works as an entertainer, and she loves the attention of performing. She is a professional dancer.  Most every night she and her friends gets dressed up and dances in front of around hundred people. The beer runs freely down their glasses as the audience walks up to have a chat. Cigarette after cigarette, as night turns to day.


Late one friday night SanMao said – I asked my boss if I could leave, I said I was tired. He said no.


Dancing is her passion, and now she is living the dream. Dancing in a bar.