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In November 2012, Xi Jinping became the head of the Communist Party. A few weeks later he said: “The greatest Chinese dream, is the great revival of the Chinese nation.”



It was a statement of transition. While previous slogans were designed to implement ideology or party policy, Xi Jinping’s “Chinese dream” seemed to inspire rather than inform. This dream has been praised by many, yet questioned by others. Few seem to know what it really entails.


China Dream is a collection of 24 stories from modern China, told by photographers from China, Bangladesh and Norway.

One journey. 24 paths.

A billion traces of a great revival.

Or are these just fragments of dreams…


Mark the date!

On June 4th, we launch the project "China Dreams"

The book features all the photo stories from this collaboration.

The exhibition takes place during the photo documentary festival DOK:15 in Fredrikstad. At this date, all stories will also be available here, online.

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